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You can find info here about what things I'm spending my time thinking about and working on right now. To learn more about the /Now Page Movement, see here.

Interested in any of the below, too? Please reach out!

Updated: 4/22/2024


I am currently in Western Massachuetts. My partner and I lived on a sailboat for 9 months in 2023; we're still adjusting to land and deciding where to place roots.

Now Matters Now

I recently started working part-time for Now Matters Now, a non-profit, online resource, and community dedicated to reducing emotional suffering and helping people overcome suicidal thoughts through storytelling, DBT skills, and other practices. 


I'm finishing up a second project with Zeitgesit (the Penguin Random House imprint that published my first book) that will be released in late 2024. I'm also working on proposals for other books about LGBTQ+ mental health and about heart attack recovery.

I continue to write my Psychology Today blog, and various articles for other online publications.

Clinical work sabbatical

Although I remain licensed in New York and Rhode Island, I still am not seeing clients clinically.


After attending a new year's meditation retreat, I remain inspired to focus on consciousness practices. I'm trying to figure out what a "work-life balance" looks like now, and how I can continue with the rest and spiritual pursuits I was able to prioritize during sailing.


I jump around books a lot, but current/recent ones include: 

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