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See here for information about my co-authored book Self-Directed DBT Skills.
My Online Writing:
Rescripted: How to deal with the grief, stress, and uncertainty of infertility
Psyche (of Aeon Media): How to stop living on auto-pilot
Psychology Today: 4 Stressors That Impact Bisexual+ Mental Health
Psychology Today: LGBTQ+ Mental Health and the Role of Minority Stress
Psychology Today: 6 Myths About Self-Injury
Psychology Today: Heart Attacks and Misdiagnosis: What Women Need to Know
Psychology Today: Are You Getting “Real” DBT? 7 Questions to Ask
Psychology Today: The Interpersonal Superpower of Validation
Psychology Today: How to "STOP" Impulsive Behaviors
Psychology Today: A DBT Skill for Overcoming People-Pleasing Fear
Psychology Today: 5 Tips for Coping With Distressing World Events
Psychology Today: Not All DBT Is Created Equal

I also write a Substack called Taking Up Space, with personal reflections of overcoming shame, navigating difficult emotional experiences, and building a life worth living.

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